Facebook Fan Page Secrets Revealed 
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A proven formula that will get you 10X more Facebook "reach" and 3X more page "Likes" All on a poor man's budget . 
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See how I took a struggling Facebook fan page, with only 300k reach and increased it 17 million reach on $99.
Boost Your Business With Fan Pages 
Increasing Your Facebook "Page Reach" Means You Can Easily Showcase Your Product Or Brand To Hundreds Of Thousands Or Millions More People, For A LOT Less.
Getting 3x more Facebook "page likes" helping you build your brand Faster. giving you the social proof you need. 
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Now You Might Be Wondering..?
Q: Does This Still Work Today? 
Facebook Is NO Different Than "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) And Just Like SEO There Is A Method To Mastering Organic Reach. Everything you need to master fan Pages can be found in here and in the Exclusive Facebook Group. (buyers only) 
Q: Will this work for my "insurance page" ?
Yes !
This method works for ANY Niche as long as you follow the strategy I set in found in Fan Page Mastery . 
Q: Who Is This For? 
Page Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers 
How Can Fan Page Mastery Help You?
I’ll show you exactly WHY some posts get massive reach while other fail to get any. Knowing this, allows you to easily adjust your strategy when page reach suddenly drops. 
Learn how you can easily SPY on your competitors, so you can draw inspiration. Helping you easily create better content that attracts your ideal audiences.
I’ll show you a little known “trick” to creating content in less than 5 minutes. Saving you hours of work and employee cost.
See WHY you should never, pay for another page "LIKE" EVER and why you’ll NEVER want to. 
Revealed is my you my Facebook "AD Hack” to paying only a fraction of a penny per click, while targeting the 2 most expensive countries in the world.
Learn how you can “leverage” your most engaged fans, and use them to quickly reach millions more in just a matter of days.
You'll learn how to increase your ROI by over 500%.
Did You Know...
  • There are 50 million active small Business Pages
  • 2.5 million of those businesses pay to be ‘active advertisers’
  • 75% of brands will pay to promote posts. (You Don't have to) 
  • Stop wasting your valuable time guessing. 
  • Avoid the frustration and save some cash.
  • Get Ahead Of Your Competitors.
  • Become Fan Page Mastery TODAY !
Isn’t it time you Stopped wasting weeks or months trying to figure out why no one is "liking or commenting" on your post? 
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What People Are Saying ..
Gabby Is a Secret Weapon...
Having spent over 7-figures on Facebook Ads, you can imagine my reaction when I learned how Gabriella reaches millions of users for less than the change in my pocket. 

Since going through the course we've completely changed our strategy and now see similar results with our reach and engagement -- and the results were practically immediate.

Gabriella cracked the code and shows you exactly how to make content go viral and convert for your audience.

If you own a Facebook Page that you care to be useful to you, my suggestion is to get this course NOW!!!
Ryan Dombrowski - Entrepreneur 
Wow....I Was Impressed 
I was desperate to reduce ad cost. 

I was spending so much on Facebook ad's and getting very little return. I was just about to give up that was, until Gabriella showed me how to decrease ad cost by 92% . She showed me how creating simple “value content” and I went from paying $.14 a click to $.01 . 

Total ad spend on the post was 60$ to yield in revenue $500. To say I was HAPPY would be a understatement. Get This COURSE !!!
Nicolas Gregoriades - CEO The Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood    
Gabriella Delivered !  
I've gone through the entire course and gave feedback on how additional improvements can make the course even better (it's great as it is!) 

I would like to commend Gabriella Mischel Rapone on building something that's a no-fluff, numbers based approach that any consultant/business owner/facebook page owner can use to improve their reach and overall advertising for a fraction of the price.

If you are doing anything related to FB I think this course is mandatory to really scale your efforts efficiently and with minimal guesswork!
Thanks again!
Francis Jimenez -Project Director at CXOFT 
Gabby Doesn't Mess Around ! 
Gabby provided a helpful and in-depth video tutorial on Facebook analytics and ads. 

She provided us with some great suggestions to improve on the page, especially her post headline suggestions.

Gabby has a lot of knowledge on how to reach a large audience on Facebook and where to find content that works.

It was a pleasure working with her.
Carrie Nagy Swain- Stack Media 
She Delivered The "Missing Pieces" 
I have seen a lot of training courses online and have even taken quite a few of them but none of them went through the same detail . 

So much of it was geared towards paid traffic and missed out on learning about the “other half”

Because if you can master your audience using “unpaid traffic” then the rest is cherry on top ….
Gabriella laid the course out in an easy to understand format and I’m already seeing results on my first post.

Matthew Highline - Social Media at Build Grow Scale)
The Numbers Don't Lie 
Listen To This Woman !!!  
I struggled with Facebook a lot. I could never seem to understand what I needed to do to get reach, let alone engagement.

Amazingly once I implemented Gabbys' simple techniques, we went from getting 90 pages likes a week to over 300 page likes in 1 day with 1 post . AMAZING !!!

All it took was just 90 minutes with Gabby Rapone and she was able to easily show me exactly how Facebook "Engagement" and "Reach" REALLY works and it was so easy to understand. I can't believe I wasted so much time before. 
D Aguzzi - Owner Grappling Industries  
Do you know the best way to measure the success of your Facebook page? 
Gabby took her 10 years of "email marketing expertise" and built a formula for Facebook Fan Pages. 
She created this formula back in 2014 and YES - It STILL WORKS TODAY !
Gabriella does !
Do you know the best way to measure the success of your Facebook page? 
Gabby took her 10 years of "email marketing expertise" and built a formula for Facebook Fan Pages. 
She created this formula back in 2014 and YES - It STILL WORKS TODAY !
Gabriella does !
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